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Baby Foot


Baby Foot – A natural product formulated to achieve smooth and supple feet

In the summer of 2005, one of Japan’s leading cosmetic companies, Liberta Co. launched Baby Foot. Containing 17 types of natural fruit extracts which were gentle on the skin but also offering high moisturising effects, Baby Foot removed dead and unsightly skin cells from the feet gently and effectively.

Liberta Co.’s aim was to create a product that was safe, effective and convenient to use and their marketing strategies reflected this. Focusing on interacting with the users rather than relying on sales pitches, Baby Foot used photos of their own staff’s feet on their website and packaging and encouraged social media interaction and feedback with their customers.

Liberta Co. also ensured that the highest priority was given to the quality of the product and that Baby Foot embodied the company’s stand against animal testing and cruelty. Baby Foot sales are a testament to the faith customers have put into the high quality, values and safety of the product.

By 2007 over 10,000 units of Baby Foot had been sold throughout Japan and in 2008 Baby Foot was introduced to the global market.

Since its debut nine years ago, Baby Foot has now sold over an accumulative 5 million units to over 45 destinations throughout the world and these numbers continue to grow.

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