Looking for the best foot cream for your dry, cracked heels?

Whether your summer plans involve going on holiday or lounging around at home, silky soft feet are a must-have. And if your feet are anything like the rest of ours, they require some care from time to time. One of the most undernourished parts of skin on our bodies is our feet – they become dry and cracked if not cared for daily.

Choosing the best foot cream in today’s world of cosmetic candy stores can be overwhelming. No worries though, we have made it easy for you. Yes, we are biased and swear by the Baby Foot® Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream but we will tell you what features make a foot cream work and what sets our products apart.

Most of the popular foot creams that treat dry heels target 2 key areas: Hydration and Moisturisation. Ingredients like glycerine and urea help the skin absorb water. While petrolatum and shea butter lock in the moisture and keep the skin protected against further water loss.


The Ingredients:

Well we are all about being generous and giving you the best foot treatment experience. The Baby Foot® Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream not only hydrates and moisturises your skin but also has extra ingredients to protect cells against free radicals and sooth irritated, inflamed skin. What more could you ask for from a foot cream?

The unique combination of Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Elderberry Blossoms ensure that Baby Foot® Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream leaves your dry heels soft and smooth. These effects are long-lasting (another bonus), allowing you to enjoy thongs and open shoes for longer – especially during this summer.


What makes Baby Foot® Extra Rich Foot Cream better you ask?

Shea Butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamins making it the perfect ingredient to soften skin. It has high anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration and healing properties as well. Shea Butter’s emollient properties moisturise deep within the skin cells, protecting them against further dehydration.

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that not only supports healthy skin but our immune and cell function as well. It is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, which means it protects cells against free radicals and preserves the skin’s elasticity.

The Flower Extracts used in the Baby Foot® Extra Rich Foot Cream are Olive Oil and Elderberry. Olive oil moisturises, firms, and soothes redness and irritation. Its effects are long-lasting and protect the skin from further exposure to daily friction and pressure. Elderberry packs another punch with its anti-inflammatory properties, also calming swollen, sore feet and protecting them from further irritation.


A foot rub away from silky soft feet

The best way to avoid dry cracked heels is to establish a daily foot moisturising routine. Start by washing your feet before bed in warm soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Apply a good dose of Baby Foot® Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream and massage the cream into your feet. The cream is easily absorbed and will not leave your feet feeling greasy. Put on a pair of socks and settle down for the night, allowing the cream to do its magic. Of course, we have you covered there as well - our super comfy Baby Foot® Classic Red and Original Black Room Socks work wonderfully. Wake up confident and ready to show off your baby soft feet.


Too much damage?

If your feet are too far gone and are in need some serious TLC, then we recommend our Original Baby Foot® Exfoliation foot peel. An all-natural fruit acid foot peel that penetrates the top layer of your skin, lifting off dead cells and leaving you with new, nourished, and smooth skin. Read more about it here… (Ultimate Guide to the Original Baby Foot® Exfoliant foot peel)

And after your feet have finished peeling up to 2 weeks from applying the Baby Foot® Exfoliant treatment, you can use our Baby Foot® Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream to maintain soft, smooth and silky feet.

Baby Foot ® is cruelty-free and contains no animal ingredients.