Baby Foot® Exfoliating Foot Peel Booties - The Secret to Perfect Feet

Does It Really Work? The Inside Story to Baby Foot's® Exclusive Moisturizing Foot Mask.

Gone are the days of scrubbing and filing away dry, dead skin from our feet. Today’s feet need a clean, convenient solution for treating tired and sore feet. That is where Baby Foot® comes in. Baby Foot® have been delivering top-quality personal foot care treatments for over 24 years. 

Today, Baby Foot® are the leaders in the foot care industry, servicing customers around the globe. Go ahead and try Baby Foot® Exfoliating Foot Peel to see for yourself. After the peeling process has completed and removed your dry and cracked heels, you can then rejuvenate and refresh your feet. For your dry and cracked heels we recommend the Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask. 

Why use a foot mask?

We use our feet every day. Whether we are standing in a kitchen or stuck behind a computer desk, we squash them into tight heels and closed shoes with every bit of friction and pressure our feet endure. This results in tired, swollen, and sometimes sore feet. Over time our skin develops a thick layer of skin and calluses to protect against our daily activities. This layer usually hardens, dries out, and can crack if left untreated. 

Conventional methods for softening or removing this dry skin include scrubbing with a pumice stone or cutting hard skin away, both of which can lead to infection and painful damage to the skin. Thus, a hydrating foot mask is a safer and less abrasive alternative to use. But the key is prevention and not waiting for the skin to get so dry and calloused. The Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask is a non-peel treatment that helps to keep this layer of skin soft and moisturized, preventing the skin from becoming dry and flaky. 

So, do hydrating foot masks work?

Baby Foot’s® Hydrating Foot Mask was designed for this very reason, to keep tired skin hydrated and supple. By combining collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 14 natural extracts our foot mask softens, moisturises, and nourishes your feet in one quick treatment. Each ingredient added contributes a unique property, be it moisturising, anti-inflammatory or conditioning. 

Collagen is a natural protein which draws water from the inner layers of skin to the outer layers, keeping them hydrated. Hyaluronic acid reduces inflammation and helps our skin retain moisture. Included in the moisturising mask are 14 natural fruit and botanical flower extracts. These extracts include sage, lemon grass, and ivy for their astringent (acidic) and anti-microbial properties. 

To help fight inflammation our foot mask includes watercress, soapwort, and burdock root. This combination of acids and moisturisers work at a cellular level to restore moisture and repair dry, damaged skin.  

When do you need a Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask?

The Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask is perfect for any occasion, whether you are prepping for a ladies night out or just want a quick TLC treatment to refresh your feet or even a quick pick me up for your feet. It is a 15-minute foot treatment that not only hydrates dry skin but leaves your feet feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated. You can even use it after a Baby Foot® Exfoliation Foot Peel but only once the peeling process has completed - to maintain your new baby soft feet if they start to feel dry.

How to use the Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask?

The gel-filled Baby Foot® Hydrating Foot Mask is easy-to-use and mess-free. Simply settle down in a comfortable spot and slip your feet into the booties. After 15 minutes you can remove the booties and instead of rinsing with water, simply massage the leftover gel into your feet. 

Don’t believe us?

Just read the below reviews which are what others have to say about Baby Foot® or check out our reviews page


    I tried the product, and it works amazingly – to my surprise as I’ve never used a peel that really works. It’s like a new pair of feet. Same aches and pains but soft as a baby’s....well, real soft!

    Linda Scott, VIC

    Baby Foot is a fantastic product. I now sell it in my beauty salons in Queensland after having such fabulous results, especially after putting the Baby Foot Room socks over the booties - Thanks Baby Foot :)

    Elizabeth Bowen

    Thanks very much I have been telling my mates how good Baby Foot is and your customer service is awesome :-)

    Glenn B. Waggrakine, WA

    I thought my feet could only get better with the use of a bench grinder. They were awful. I could never show my feet because they were so ugly with the very hard skin, and my heels were especially bad. I was also hesitant because I've been fooled by on-line orders before. This stuff is AWESOME. It is the first time in years that my feet look better than that of a neanderthal!!! Thank you so much for a great product and excellent customer service. Very well worth the money!!

    Tracey Simkin, TAS