Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day Ideas

In Australia, we celebrate Fathers Day on the first Sunday in September. It is a day to celebrate and spoil the most important men in our lives. A day dedicated to expressing our appreciation and love for our fathers and recognizing their immeasurable role in our lives. 

Although to be honest, trying to find a gift that your dad will adore is challenging. With Fathers Day around the corner, you haven’t got much time to plan something spectacular. There’s no need to panic though, as we’ve put together a list of Fathers Day ideas to make your dad feel extra special, without breaking the bank or leaving the house. You can thank us later. 

Keep reading for our delightful suggestions to spoil your dad this Fathers Day. 


Wake Your Dad with Breakfast in Bed 

On the morning of Fathers Day, why not wake your dad to the mouth-watering smell of bacon in the frying pan and freshly brewed coffee? Or if your father is more of a sweet tooth, why not whip up some waffles topped with berries and cream? 

If burnt toast better describes your cooking than the fancy food in the MasterChef kitchen, you can always order him breakfast from his favourite spot. A tasty treat is an excellent way to ensure that the day starts off on the right foot. 


Enjoy a Family BBQ in the Sun

If there’s one thing most dads love, it’s a BBQ. Let your father sit back, with a beer in hand, and prepare a lip-smacking meal for him to enjoy with the family. Whether it’s a juicy steak, sticky marinated pork ribs, or a fresh salmon fillet with a dash of lemon juice, the aim is to tantalise his taste buds and spend quality time with your old man. If your dad isn’t one to delegate, why not get him a snazzy braai gadget to spice up the next family BBQ? 


Surprise Him with a Clean Car

There’s nothing quite like that new car smell. If your dad often washes his car, you can surprise him by taking his car for a full valet. He will be thrilled to see his car in the pristine state that can only be achieved after a professional car wash. We are sure that he will be thankful for the well-deserved break and sparkling clean car. 


Home Spa Treatment 

Why not give your dad an extra special treat by pampering him with a spa day at home? We all know women are the experts when it comes to self-care and spa treatments, but that doesn’t mean that men won’t love an indulging treatment just as much. 

If you are a bit sceptical about how your father will feel about having his face covered in your favourite green face mask, we’d suggest a relaxing foot treatment instead. With that in mind, Baby Foot® has got you covered this Fathers Day. 

As much as your dad might like to say that his dry, cracked feet are manly, we’re fairly certain he thinks they are a pain. We’ve got just what he needs. Baby Foot® Peel-Enhancing Foot Soak is a hassle-free solution to your foot woes. Brimming with natural ingredients and the subtle scent of Hinoki Cypress Wood or Yuzu Citrus, Baby Foot® Peel-Enhancing Foot Soak is a treat that both men and women will enjoy.  

If you’re feeling brave, you can extend your dad’s spa experience with another foot treatment. Baby Foot® for Men is a mess-free exfoliating foot peel treatment designed with men in mind. Baby Foot® for Men helps banish foot odour and aids in the management of psoriasis and tinea. Or you can go all out with a gift bundle with a range of Baby Foot® products for men.  


Wishing All Dads a Happy Fathers Day   

We hope that these Fathers Day ideas will help you to prepare a special day for your dad. No matter what you decide to do to spoil him, whether it is a home-cooked meal, a handwritten card, a relaxing foot soak, or a store-bought gift, as long as it is done with love. However, remember to express your love and appreciation for your father not only today but every day.

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