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How to Keep Your Feet Warm at Home 


Most of us can agree that having cold feet is enough to make your whole body feel like it's freezing. There are many possible explanations for why your feet might be feeling cold, but for the majority of people, cold feet can simply be attributed to chilly temperatures and a lack of proper precautions to keep toes warm. If your cold feet are making you feel utterly miserable, keep reading for our super simple yet expertly curated tips on how to keep feet warm at home. 


How to Keep Feet Warm at Home With Warm Socks  


Investing in the right kind of socks will go a long way when trying to warm up your feet, although most of us tend to wear cotton socks, which happen to be a terrible choice to keep feet warm. If you are wondering how to keep feet warm at home, merino wool is your best option. Unlike cotton, merino wool has excellent heat retention and  moisture wicking properties to keep your toes warm, dry and comfortable. 


Another important aspect to consider before purchasing a new pair of socks is how comfortably they fit in your shoes. Ideally you should try on a pair of socks with the shoes you intend to wear. Socks and shoes that are too tight can restrict your blood flow, which makes it harder to keep your feet warm. 


How to Keep Feet Warm at Home With a Hot Water Bottle 


Sometimes a pair of socks or slippers simply doesn’t cut it. For those times when you are looking for a little extra heat, a traditional hot water bottle or a fancy foot warmer will certainly do the trick of thawing out those toes. Nowadays there are even mess-free electric hot water bottles. All you need to do is boil the kettle and fill up (or charge) your hot water bottle, get cosy on the couch or in bed, and within minutes you’ll be feeling the heat. 

How to Keep Feet Warm at Home With a Foot Soak


If you’ve had a busy week or you have a bit of time to yourself, why not take a load off your feet by opting for a foot treatment from Baby Foot®? The Baby Foot® Peel-Enhancing Foot Soak will sweep you right off your feet with delightful scents of Yuzu Citrus or Hinoki Cypress Wood, direct from Japan Hot Springs. Not only will you refresh and reinvigorate your feet, but the natural salts found in the Baby Foot® Peel-Enhancing Foot Soak promote blood circulation to help warm up your feet, while the paya enzymes will make them extra soft. Treat yourself - your feet will thank you.


Warm Feet at Home     


Whether you choose a pair of snuggly socks, a satisfying foot soak, or a tried and tested hot water bottle, we hope that these simple tips on how to keep feet warm at home will help you keep your toes toasty no matter the weather. In addition to these solutions, you can keep your feet (and body) warm with an electric blanket, or by tucking a blanket around your feet instead of simply draping a blanket loosely over them.