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Baby Foot Extra Rich Starter Pack


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Incorporating everything you need to get started with your ultimate foot care routine, Baby Foot starter packs are tailored to your specific needs.

Baby Foot Extra Rich Starter pack contains everything you need to achieve and maintain soft and healthy feet and is perfect for those who want a thick and deeply moisturisng foot cream. Baby Foot Extra Rich foot cream is designed to be used only when the peeling process is fully completed.

Baby Foot Extra Rich Starter Pack includes

  •   Baby Foot exfoliant pack to remove the dry and dead skin from your feet
  •   Room socks to keep the sock packs snug and the Baby Foot  gel warm and close to the skin to help accelerate the peeling process
  •   Baby Foot Extra Rich foot cream with shea butter is designed to prevent foot dryness and improve skin firmness after the peeling process is fully completed
Product Details:
Brand: Baby Foot
Product Type: Foot Treatment
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 Foot Treatment
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