Ultimate Guide to the Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant Peel

by | Oct 9, 2020

Ultimate Guide to the Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant Peel

Everything you need to know about the Baby Foot® Foot Peel

The Baby Foot® Exfoliation range started its journey in 1997 as the original Japan-made foot peel. For over 20 years Baby Foot® has been delivering high-quality foot peel, hydrating, moisturising and foot spa treatments for feet. The brand has since grown and continues to expand its global reach, appointing sole distributors in over 60 countries across the continents of Australia, New Zealand, Africa, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Who better to trust with your foot peel journey?

In our comprehensive guide to the Baby Foot® Original Foot treatment range you will learn about why we need to exfoliate, the pros and cons to foot exfoliating routines, what foot peels are, and the technical side to how they work. We will also provide a detailed guide and tips on how to use the Baby Foot® Original foot peel and why it is a leading and award-winning foot treatment brand across the globe.

If your dry and cracked feet are getting the better of you, keep reading! You are one step closer to the baby soft skin you have been dreaming of.

The Problem: Dry, Cracked, Dead Skin

Why do we need foot peels, anyway? Well, did you know that your skin automatically renews itself every 28 days? Your skin produces new cells below the epidermal layer and as they move up, they push the old skin out. This results in a lot of dead skin that you need to remove. Mostly, the friction from your clothes, daily activities and bathing routine removes the dead skin cells on your body. There are however some areas (like your feet) which develop thicker skin for protective reasons, making the daily shedding of these cells far more difficult.

Your body weight, daily walking and exercise contribute to the constant pressure and friction that your feet experience. This results in your soles forming a thick protective layer. Some areas develop more than others, like your heels or the sides of your toes, causing callouses.

Callouses are thick areas of skin (usually dry) that protect a particular body part from constant friction and irritation. These commonly develop on hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Depending on what you do for a living, you are bound to have some callouses somewhere. Your feet being the main culprits.

Much like a guitarist will develop callouses on his fingers to withstand the abrasive guitar strings, your feet develop callouses to protect themselves too. Your feet bear the brunt of your daily activities. Ladies squeeze their feet into tight heels, which rub on the toes and sides of feet all day. Men, on the other hand, may keep their feet in socks and runners/sneakers all day only to kick them off once home and stay barefoot. Thongs are also popular and result in feet becoming hard and dry.

With constant use and change in environment (from heels to runners/sneakers to thongs and to going bare foot), this protective layer goes from moist to dry a few times a day. When this skin is exposed to air, it dries out and hardens. If this happens often enough, it will soon start to crack which can be quite painful.

Perhaps beneficial if you live barefoot in the Outback, this protective layer is frustrating for many people and can also be unsightly and embarrassing. Feet that hook on silky sheets or that ladder pantyhose are less than flattering and the last thing we want to have to deal with.

Dry skin can also develop because of medical reasons. Usually the result of damage to the skin barrier or a deficiency in healthy fats in the skin’s top layer. As attractive as a foot peel may sound though, people who struggle with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or tinea should consult with their dermatologists before trying any form of exfoliation.

Finding the time to pamper and look after ourselves is difficult enough on a normal day. So, looking after our feet is usually last on the list. Often over-looked, our feet do not even feature in our daily beauty regime. Indulgent trips to the spa have become a luxury and are somewhat trickier these days with most of us opting to save where we can and stay at home or due to the need for people to spend more time at home given the Covid-19 pandemic.

Depending on how dry and cracked your feet are, they may even leave you feeling too self-conscious to venture out for treatment. While it is important to find out if your dry skin is due to an underlying issue, staying hydrated and a daily moisturising routine should keep the worst away.

Even then though, we may find ourselves with calloused feet and that is where the Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel, masks and other treatments come in. We understand that an at-home foot peel should be easy to order, convenient to use, mess-free and affordable. Most importantly, they should produce spa-quality results-or better.

The Solution: Physical Exfoliation or Foot Peel Exfoliant

There are two ways to remove this dead skin from our bodies. Physical exfoliation or the Baby Foot Original 17 fruit extract (foot peel) exfoliant.

Physical exfoliation involves actively buffing the dead skin off. There is a range of products that can assist with this. From exfoliating body scrubs to copper-lined gloves, foot paddles and pumice stones. Each usually rough in texture, which rubs away the dead skin. An effective quick fix, but not as long-lasting as a foot peel.

Pumices and paddles are used after soaking your feet in warm water to lift dead skin cells from hardened areas. When used daily, they can prevent further thickening of this layer. However, there is a problem with using foot filing tools. Most people will only focus on the problem areas such as the ball or sides of their feet and heels, removing only a thin layer of dead skin from those areas. Unlike the Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel which penetrates and lifts dead skin from the entire foot. And although we can see immediate results with filing, they are usually short-lived. Hence the need to repeat daily. When used incorrectly a pumice or foot file can encourage more cracks to develop and possibly even cause painful damage to the new skin beneath.

Using a pumice is usually followed up by a good dose of foot cream. Foot creams moisturise the top layer of skin, leaving the dry and cracked skin smoother. Again, providing only short-term results because the dead skin is not being removed to make way for the renewed skin.

Enter foot peel exfoliants – chemical or fruit extract. A foot peel is a treatment in which you apply an acid-based (in our case, a 17 fruit extract acid-based) product to your feet, resulting in the shedding of dry and dead skin cells. The fruit acids penetrate the surface layers of your skin and go to work at a cellular level. We will go into further detail on how they remove dead skin later.

Perhaps you remember to scrub your whole foot with a pumice or foot paddle. Would that not achieve the same results as a foot peel exfoliation? Well, whilst filing your feet removes a thin layer of dead cells from the problem areas, a foot peel penetrates the full layer of skin (around the whole foot) and removes all the dead skin cells. All while stimulating and nourishing the fresh new skin layer beneath. Where a pumice or foot file can cause trauma to and split the grain of your skin layer (leading to cracks), foot peels maintain the grain while adding moisture to the ensure the skin stays soft and rejuvenated.

What is in a Fruit Extract Acid foot peel and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, this foot peel is made up of various ‘chemicals’, each contributing to the removal of dead cells and the conditioning of new cells.

Do not let the word ‘chemical’ put you off, though. Baby Foot® original foot peels are made of 17 different types of fruit acid extracts and not harsh science lab chemicals. Fruit acids are an alternative option and thus gentler on the skin compared to other abrasive exfoliating chemicals and methods.

An important element to the Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant Foot Peel is its’ natural fruit extracts – these ingredients are from a family of fruit acids called alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). We use 17 different fruit extracts, to be precise. Each acid has high moisturising and astringent (acidic) properties. The alpha hydroxy acid family includes well-known acids like citric, lactic, and tartaric acid. Each found in plants and fruits like tomatoes, lemons, grapes, and chamomile. When combined they encourage the reconditioning of skin. They are also a powerful exfoliant of dead skin because they disrupt the bond between skin cells. The benefit of using AHA’s is that once peeled, your skin is left nourished and soft.

So how exactly do foot peels remove dead skin? Each Baby Foot® treatment plastic sock (bootie) is filled with a gel containing ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids. When applied correctly and left on for the prescribed duration, the gel goes to work at a cellular level. Breaking down the ‘desmosomes’ in our upper skin layer. Desmosomes are essentially the ‘glue’ that holds our skin cells together. These hyper-adhesive regions in the cellular structure are broken down, which allows dead skin to separate and peel off easier.

The principal contributor to the peeling process is Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is mainly found in sugar cane and other fruits. It is also one of the most popular fruit acids used in cosmetics/skincare products today. Apart from its contribution to healing dry skin, it is also known for its results in acne and wrinkle treatment.

Another strong contributor is Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid, which is an organic compound found in plants. It softens the keratin in your skin’s structure. Keratin is a protein which helps your skin form its protective layer. With these proteins softened, the dry skin is easier to remove.

The Alpha Hydroxyl Acid family has the following properties –

Astringent: An agent that shrinks, tightens, and loosens skin cells. Causing them to dry out, harden and shed. This creates the ‘peeling’ effect. Astringents also help clear out oils and debris on the skin surface.

  • Anti-bacterial: Prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the skin surface.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation.
  • Antioxidant: Protects cells against free radicals (unstable molecules in your body which cause damage to cells).
  • Antimicrobial: Prevents the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
  • Skin Conditioning: An ingredient that increases the water content on the skin surface. I.e. a moisturising agent that results in smooth and soft appearance and texture.

Although the list of ingredients may look rather scientific, most of the fruit acids are sourced from the every-day fruits and flowers we know. Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil is from Oranges, a well-known anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial that also boosts circulation. Malic Acid is found in apples and happens to be an astringent which encourages exfoliation. Some other astringents used come from Lemons (Citrus Medica Limonium Fruit Extract), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil), Ivy (Hedera Helix Extract) and Grapefruit (Citrus Grandis Peel Oil).

Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants play an important role in the healing process of a foot peel. To aid healing and keep skin calm during treatment, the Baby Foot® Original Foot Peel has ingredients like Watercress (Nasturtium Officinale), Soapwort (Saponaria Officinalis), Burdoco Root (Arctium Lappa Root), Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense), Meadowsweet Blossoms (Spiraea Ulmaria) and Green Tea plants (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract).

Marigolds (Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract) and Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower) are the all-important skin conditioning agents used which put moisture back into your feet after doing a Baby Foot® foot peel.

Combining these alpha-hydroxy acids creates a unique product which cleans, exfoliates, moisturises, and heals your skin while encouraging a softer and smoother appearance.

How to use the Baby Foot® Original chemical foot peel:

Our foot peel pack contains 2 sealed plastic socks (booties) filled with a gel comprising all the ingredients you need for the perfect foot peel as well as adhesive tapes to help secure the bootie once on.

Before you start…
We recommend that you do a patch test at least 2 days before using your Baby Foot® treatment. The alpha hydroxy acids may cause irritation to people with sensitive skin. If you experience any redness, swelling or irritation after the patch test, please do not continue with the treatment.

To apply a patch test, cut a small corner from the top of a Baby Foot® bootie. Squeeze a small amount of gel out and apply it to the instep of your foot. It is especially important to seal the bootie opening with tape to avoid exposure to air. Leave the gel on your foot for the prescribed duration and then rinse with soap and warm water. For the next 48 hours monitor the area for any signs of irritation. If there are none, you are ready to do your complete foot peel with Baby Foot®.

These booties ain’t made for walking…
Before settling down to start your pamper session, get your cup of tea ready with some entertainment. The plastic booties are filled with a gel and once applied; they should not be walked around in. If you must walk around, wait until you have put a pair of thick room socks on over the booties. Baby Foot ® Original Room Socks are ideal here – not only do they have grippers underneath, but they also ensure the gel in each bootie stays close to the skin on each of your feet – enhancing the application and absorption process. Regardless, it is meant to be a pamper session, so try to sit with your feet up or lie down so that you relax during the treatment.

First, soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes before you apply the treatment. This will soften your feet, allowing your skin to absorb the gel better. Dry your feet and head over to your treatment spot. Once settled, cut the top of the booties off, and slip them onto your foot. Use the adhesive tape supplied to secure them, making sure no gel can escape. Ensure the plastic bootie covers your entire foot, distributing the gel to any problem areas you have. Repeat with your other foot. Finally. put your Baby Foot ® original Room Socks on and put your feet up for some chill time while Baby Foot ® goes to work.

The treatment needs to stay on for an hour. Once the hour has passed, remove the plastic booties and you can rinse the gel off your feet with soap and warm water. Importantly, water activates the exfoliation process, so be sure to soak your feet daily to keep the process going.

Worth the wait…
All good things come to those who wait, is not a famous saying for nothing. Rushing a chemical peel can cause damage to your skin. Quicker peels often contain harsher chemicals and so while speeding up the exfoliation process, they can be damaging to your skin. Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant Foot Peels take the healthier route and allow your body to shed its dead cells when they have been released correctly, at a cellular level.

You will not notice any immediate changes in your feet immediately after treatment. After 2-10 days you will start to notice the dead skin peeling off. Each person’s waiting period and experience will differ. Where some experience flaking, others will find sheets of skin peeling off.

You may want to wear socks, where possible when peeling begins. Socks will help catch loose skin as it peels and save you needing to explain snake-like shedding. Baby Foot® Original Room Socks, which come in both Red or Black colours, are also ideal socks to sleep with so that your bedsheets are saved from dry skin that has peeled off your feet overnight.

Peeling can last up to 10 days. It is especially important not to force the peel. Resist the urge to pick at or remove dead skin forcibly before it has released on its own. Peeling off skin that is still attached can be painful and could disrupt the peeling process.

You will need to wash and rub your feet (and change your socks) daily. Once shedding has subsided, you will be left with irresistibly soft and smooth feet.

Important tips to remember

  • It is essential to soak your feet in water daily. Water activates the peel and keeps the process going.
  • Keep the peel on your feet for the prescribed time to get maximum results.
  • Baby Foot® Original Room Socks aid with gel absorption and keep the booties secure.
  • If you have quite a thick layer of dead skin, 2 or 3 treatments (spaced 4 weeks apart) may be needed to remove all the dead skin.
  • Remove any nail polish products (including gels) from your toes as the acids used in our peel may remove them, so be sure to clean these off before applying.
  • We do not recommend Baby Foot® for diabetics, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Baby Foot® Product Range

The journey does not stop there. Unlike other foot peel providers, our product range takes care of your feet beyond the peel. We offer a complete at-home foot treatment regime for both men and women. Each conveniently designed for ease of use and mess-free. Our products are easily purchased online from our website, your local salon, and chemists.

The most popular in our offering is the Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant Foot Peel. This product is designed for men and women looking seeking the ultimate solution to having soft and smooth feet. Our foot peel is also available in larger bootie sizes, specifically for men with larger feet. It is the ideal alternative to harsh chemical foot peels and assists with the management of skin conditions such as psoriasis, corns, tinea, and eczema.

A great addition to any foot peel order is a pair of Baby Foot® Original Room Socks. These extra comfortable and soft room socks are handy to use with our foot peels to keep them in place, to enjoy for at-home lounging or to use overnight when sleeping (during the peeling process).

If you are between peels or going on a date or just looking for a quick, easy way to intensely revitalise your feet, our Hydrating Foot Mask is a fast 15-minute treatment to refresh and hydrate tired feet. Like the Baby Foot® Original Exfoliant foot peel, the Baby Foot® Original Hydrating Foot Mask has natural fruit extracts – 14 to be exact. As with a face mask, our hydrating foot mask will make your feet look great when you want people to see them, and between peels.

Our Extra Rich Moisturising Foot Cream should be applied before going to bed, to maintain your soft and healthy feet, between peels. Enriched with Shea Butter for extra silky feet, this cream ensures your feet stay moisturised while keeping dryness away.

For those of you wanting the ultimate at-home spa treatment, the Original Baby Foot® Bath Spa Foot Soak is the answer. Our foot soak comes with the choice of 2 Japanese scents – Yuzu Lemon and Hinoki Cypress Wood, both of which have Papaya plant enzymes that gently soften, relax, and clean your feet. Other than the plant enzymes, our foot soak ingredients include those used in hot springs in Japan – designed to help penetrate the skin and to lengthen the effect after completing your spa treatment. There is also good news in that our foot soak can be used any time, even after your feet start to peel as the foot soak also enhances the peeling process.

For the unsure, we also offer a selection of packaged treatment combo bundles, filled with everything you need to start your foot peel and foot care journey.

Why use Baby Foot® brand?

More than just an exfoliant, Baby Foot® offers a complete range of easy to use at home foot treatments and exfoliating products. Each designed to maintain healthy and beautiful feet.

The Baby Foot® brand range has been a preferred brand of choice for over 20 years and in 63 countries. As a long-established brand trusted by millions of people across the globe, a Baby Foot® product is sold every 10 seconds. Our products do not contain any animal regulated products and are free from animal testing. They are also readily available and easy to purchase from us online or through our retail partners.

For more information, visit our website www.babyfoot.com.au

Brenda Scott

I was sceptical about this product. I didn’t think it would work but was willing to try it anyway because my feet need the help. I am shocked that it really works. It works just like it says…3 days after using the booties for an hour my feet started to peel. Within 7 more days, my feet had completely peeled and are much softer and smoother. I definitely recommend this product.

Sandra Cooper
New South Wales

Baby Foot is amazing! I didn’t think this would actually work but after the initial 1 hr application and a few days of soaking, Baby Foot has become my new best friend! It’s easy and effective. I have now had smooth baby feet. Trust me this is one beauty secret that needs to be shared xx

Lee Lindent

I tried the product, and it works amazingly – to my surprise as I’ve never used a peel that really works. It’s like a new pair of feet. Same aches and pains but soft as a baby’s….well, real soft!

Tracey Simkin

I thought my feet could only get better with the use of a bench grinder. They were awful. I could never show my feet because they were so ugly with the very hard skin, and my heels were especially bad. I was also hesitant because I’ve been fooled by on-line orders before. This stuff is AWESOME. It is the first time in years that my feet look better than that of a neanderthal!!! Thank you so much for a great product and excellent customer service. Very well worth the money!!

Glenn B.
Waggrakine, WA

Thanks very much I have been telling my mates how good Baby Foot is and your customer service is awesome 🙂

Joanne Singer

We stock Baby Foot in our 4 salons, and we couldn’t be happier! Our clients, staff, and friends alike all LOVE the results and almost all have returned 3, 4 months down the track. THANKS BABY FOOT KEEP THEM COMING!

Michelle Andrews
Australian Capital Territory

I tried this product for the first time about 2 months ago. I was very impressed with the results, but still had some callouses on my heels. I did a second application about 4 weeks later and OMG, I am THRILLED with how my feet look and feel. This is an amazing product you have. I have suffered from hard calloused feet for years, have used files, razors, and everything else but was too embarrassed to have a pedi. Now my feet look soft, pink and pretty! I am beyond happy!
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