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8 Foot Mask Mistakes to Avoid

by | Nov 13, 2022

8 Foot Mask Mistakes to Avoid

Are You Ready for Your First Foot Peel Treatment?

A fast-growing trend in the self-care industry today is the use of foot peels and foot masks. A much-needed foot care treatment to handle dead skin, dry cracked heels and to transform feet to become soft, smooth, and supple. Having been around for over two decades, Baby Foot® has mastered the art of the at-home foot peel. They also have developed an innovative intense hydrating foot mask that can be used between peels. Keeping it simple and making it easier for just about anyone to try. Whether this is your first attempt at getting soft, smooth, and hydrated feet, or whether you are a seasoned pro, these rookie mistakes are easy to avoid. You will thank us later.

Our feet carry us for a lifetime, taking daily use, friction, and stress into their stride. It is no surprise they develop such a thick layer of protective skin. A foot peel is a great place to start when planning a little ‘me time’ and TLC for your feet. And when the peeling stops, a foot mask helps maintain the glowing look of hydrated feet.

How does a foot peel work?

First, some background info on what is in the Baby Foot® foot peel and how it works. The Baby Foot® Original Foot Peel Foot Peel contains natural fruit extracts which assist to penetrate the surface layer of the skin on your feet and together with water and non-harsh chemicals, gently trigger the feet peeling process. The natural acids are sustainably harvested from fruits and plants, which offer a much safer peel when compared to harsh chemical peels.

These fruit acids belong to the Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA’s) group and are the key contributors to the success of our foot peels. We find them in everyday fruits and plants like oranges, lemons, tomatoes, apples, marigold flowers and lemongrass.

AHA’s have various astringent, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and skin conditioning properties which all play a role in successful exfoliation. They essentially break down the ‘glue’ that holds our skin cells together, allowing the dead skins cells to peel off easier. Popular natural cosmetic ingredients like Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid help soften the skin during the peeling process.

The Baby Foot® exfoliating foot mask’s gel comes in easy to use, sealed plastic booties. You simply slip the booties on and wait an hour before rinsing off. The treatment then goes to work at a cellular level and within 2-10 days a layer of dead skin sheds from your feet. Leaving them soft and smooth. During the peeling process, your feet are also moisturised as part of the formula included with the Baby Foot® Original Foot Peel.

Now that you know what is in our foot peel and how it works on your feet, let’s look at those rookie mistakes to avoid:

You may do a foot peel every couple of months. But in-between peels, you can achieve intense hydration that makes your feet glow after only a 15-min Baby Foot® Original Hydrating Foot Mask application.

  1. Save your Pedicure
    It is best to remove any nail polish products (including gels) from your toes before starting your treatment as the natural acids used in our peel may remove them To avoid having your fresh pedicure damaged during treatment, schedule a nail painting session for afterwards.
  2. Read the instructions
    It is important to read and understand the instructions before starting. Our foot peel treatment does not produce immediate results. Peeling begins 2 to 7 days after application it can take a total of 14 days to shed every last flake of dry skin. Remember to wash and dry your feet before you start. And if you are tempted to keep the treatment on a little longer, don’t! As timid as they sound, fruit acids are strong and can cause unnecessary irritation if exposed to the skin for too long.
    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” The famous, wise words of Alexander Graham Bell. After reading the instructions you will have a better understanding of each product and how best you can prepare before applying the treatments.
  3. Bathroom and snack run
    Set aside a day and time when you can expect little interruption. You will need to stay off your feet for a solid hour so plan your entertainment beforehand. Get one last trip to the bathroom in. Grab some magazines, snacks, and a movie before you settle down.
  4. Application and Removal
    Consider where you will apply and clean off the treatment. You could apply them in the lounge while on the couch and rinse them off in the bathroom. Or try the complete at-home spa routine and set up a bucket of warm water and towels near the tv. If you do go the bucket of water route, fill it with hot water so it is not ice-cold by the time the hour is up, when you need to wash off your feet.
  5. Waiting Game
    Consider where you will settle down for the hour. Whilst sitting in front of the tv may be a great idea, getting back to the bathroom to rinse may be a bit tricky. We do suggest putting on a pair of Baby Foot® Original Room Socks. These extra comfortable and soft room socks keep the booties in place and the gel close to your skin, maximizing the application of the foot peel gel. They are also useful for at-home lounging or to use overnight when sleeping (to avoid cleaning sheets during the peeling process).
  6. Resist the urge to moisturise when peeling
    Once you have finished the treatment, do not apply creams until after the peeling has stopped. The dead skin cells need to dry out, so adding creams will interfere with the process. We have the perfect treat for those who may struggle with this part. The Baby Foot® Hydration Foot Mask is a quick 15-minute treatment enriched with Shea butter. It packs a ton of moisture back into your feet after a foot peel. It can be used any time between peels and takes only 15 minutes to apply.
  7. Soak and Rub daily
    To get the most out of your foot peel treatment, you should wash your feet every night. Soak them in warm water and gently rub them with your hands in water. Water activates the peeling process while rubbing encourages circulation and helps your feet heal.
  8. No picking
    Just like your mom told you not to peel your sunburnt skin, the same applies here. Peeling skin off that has not naturally shed and let go can cause damage to the new skin cells below. It will interfere with the peeling process and can be painful.You are committing to a 2-week foot peeling treatment. You will have flaky dry skin falling off within a few days. Be patient with yourself as your feet peel, cleaning up and vacuuming where needed. Plan your wardrobe and try to wear socks where possible. You can expect your feet to be slightly sensitive immediately after applying the foot peel in the plastic booties so keep that in mind when planning activities too.

Save the sandals, open shoes, and thongs for later when you can show off your new baby soft feet.


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Brenda Scott

I was sceptical about this product. I didn’t think it would work but was willing to try it anyway because my feet need the help. I am shocked that it really works. It works just like it says…3 days after using the booties for an hour my feet started to peel. Within 7 more days, my feet had completely peeled and are much softer and smoother. I definitely recommend this product.

Sandra Cooper
New South Wales

Baby Foot is amazing! I didn’t think this would actually work but after the initial 1 hr application and a few days of soaking, Baby Foot has become my new best friend! It’s easy and effective. I have now had smooth baby feet. Trust me this is one beauty secret that needs to be shared xx

Lee Lindent

I tried the product, and it works amazingly – to my surprise as I’ve never used a peel that really works. It’s like a new pair of feet. Same aches and pains but soft as a baby’s….well, real soft!

Tracey Simkin

I thought my feet could only get better with the use of a bench grinder. They were awful. I could never show my feet because they were so ugly with the very hard skin, and my heels were especially bad. I was also hesitant because I’ve been fooled by on-line orders before. This stuff is AWESOME. It is the first time in years that my feet look better than that of a neanderthal!!! Thank you so much for a great product and excellent customer service. Very well worth the money!!

Glenn B.
Waggrakine, WA

Thanks very much I have been telling my mates how good Baby Foot is and your customer service is awesome 🙂

Joanne Singer

We stock Baby Foot in our 4 salons, and we couldn’t be happier! Our clients, staff, and friends alike all LOVE the results and almost all have returned 3, 4 months down the track. THANKS BABY FOOT KEEP THEM COMING!

Michelle Andrews
Australian Capital Territory

I tried this product for the first time about 2 months ago. I was very impressed with the results, but still had some callouses on my heels. I did a second application about 4 weeks later and OMG, I am THRILLED with how my feet look and feel. This is an amazing product you have. I have suffered from hard calloused feet for years, have used files, razors, and everything else but was too embarrassed to have a pedi. Now my feet look soft, pink and pretty! I am beyond happy!