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See what our customers are saying about their soft and beautiful feet, thanks to Baby Foot® exfoliating foot peels

Love the product, love the Buy 2, Get 1 free order online. Have to stock up on some more for Xmas presents.
Sharon Knight

South Australia

Thanks very much I have been telling my mates how good Baby Foot is and your customer service is awesome 🙂

Glenn B

Waggrakine, WA

I tried the product, and it works amazingly – to my surprise as I’ve never used a peel that really works. It’s like a new pair of feet. Same aches and pains but soft as a baby’s….well, real soft!
Lee Linden


We stock Baby Foot in our 4 salons, and we couldn’t be happier! Our clients, staff, and friends alike all LOVE the results and almost all have returned 3, 4 months down the track. THANKS BABY FOOT KEEP THEM COMING!

Joanne Singer


I was sceptical about this product. I didn’t think it would work but was willing to try it anyway because my feet need the help. I am shocked that it really works. It works just like it says…3 days after using the booties for an hour my feet started to peel. Within 7 more days, my feet had completely peeled and are much softer and smoother. I definitely recommend this product.
Benda Scott


Baby Foot is amazing! I didn’t think this would actually work but after the initial 1 hr application and a few days of soaking, Baby Foot has become my new best friend! It’s easy and effective. I have now had smooth baby feet. Trust me this is one beauty secret that needs to be shared xx
Sandra Cooper

New South Wales

I tried this product for the first time about 2 months ago. I was very impressed with the results, but still had some callouses on my heels. I did a second application about 4 weeks later and OMG, I am THRILLED with how my feet look and feel. This is an amazing product you have. I have suffered from hard calloused feet for years, have used files, razors, and everything else but was too embarrassed to have a pedi. Now my feet look soft, pink and pretty! I am beyond happy!
Michelle Andrews

Australian Capital Territory

I bought Baby Foot at Beauty Expo AU and was sceptical initially. I went home, tried it, and could not believe the results. It was amazing – here are my pictures. I have been recommending it to all my clients and they are loving it. Baby Foot is walking out of my salon doors. Thanks to the Baby Foot team
Natalie Chapman

Owner, The Business of Beauty

I thought my feet could only get better with the use of a bench grinder. They were awful. I could never show my feet because they were so ugly with the very hard skin, and my heels were especially bad. I was also hesitant because I’ve been fooled by on-line orders before. This stuff is AWESOME. It is the first time in years that my feet look better than that of a neanderthal!!! Thank you so much for a great product and excellent customer service. Very well worth the money!!
Tracey Simkin


Baby Foot is a fantastic product. I now sell it in my beauty salons in Queensland after having such fabulous results, especially after putting the Baby Foot Room socks over the booties – Thanks Baby Foot 🙂

Elizabeth Bowen

I am now stocking Baby Foot in my beauty salons in both Adelaide and Perth! My clients couldn’t be happier! It also saves time for my staff to do client pedicures as no need to spend time getting rid of the client’s dead skin!
Jolene Lambert

As an air-hostess I spend a lot of time on my feet. After a colleague told me about Baby Foot, I decided to give it a go. I was so impressed that I use the product every 3 months. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t get much time to look after their feet.
Gabby Ragland

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