The Simple Way to Smooth Soft Feet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often can you use Baby Foot® exfoliating peels?

Our foot peels can be used whenever you notice the build-up of dead skin cells on your feet. To keep your feet baby smooth, we recommend using them every three to four months. This timeframe can vary depending on the individual.

After my first treatment, I still have dead skin. When can I use Baby Foot® again?

If you still have dead skin on your feet after the first treatment, you can do it again. We recommend you wait two weeks after your initial application before you begin another treatment.

What should I do after I finish my foot peel treatment?

Bathe as usual. Additionally, it may be helpful to soak your feet in warm water each day, however, this isn’t required for the foot peel to work.

Should I wash my feet after the 1-hour treatment?

Yes, after completing the one-hour treatment, remove the plastic booties and rinse your feet thoroughly. Remember, don’t apply lotion to your feet until the peeling process is complete. If your feet are too dry, you may use an oil-free moisturiser from time to time.

Can I use lotion after my foot peel treatment?

We recommend not using lotion after your foot peel treatment. Instead, if your feet become dry, apply an oil-free moisturiser.

Do I need to stay seated while I am using Baby Foot®?

If your feet are soaking in the gel, your foot peel should work as intended. You are permitted to walk around if needed but we recommend you staying seated for safety reasons. Alternatively consider purchasing our non slip room socks which keep the gel against your feet and allow you to move around if required.

When you buy a Baby Foot® peel, does it include plastic booties?

Yes. Each package includes two plastic booties that you’ll use to soak your feet in our exfoliating solution.

Are Baby Foot® peels reusable?

No. Once you’ve used your exfoliation foot peel, it cannot be used again.

Do I need to use Baby Foot® more than once for it to work?

No, only one application is necessary, which involves a one-hour treatment time. In rare occasions, if there is a severe build up of hard or dead skin, we recommend waiting at least two weeks before using a new peel treatment.

How long does it take for the foot peel to start working?

After you’ve completed the foot peel treatment, you can expect it to take 5-7 days for your feet to start peeling. Usually, it takes approximately two weeks for your feet to peel completely, although results may differ between individuals. Soaking your feet should expedite this process. After peeling has begun, it should take 7-10 days for your feet to fully peel. 

Does Baby Foot® work to remove the rough skin on my heels?

Baby Foot® is widely used by people who experience dry and rough skin on their soles or old dead skin cells on their heels and toes.

How often can I use Baby Foot® peels?

Each treatment can be used only once however if you buy more than one peel product, we recommend waiting at least two weeks before using your next treatment.

We recommend using Baby Foot peels every three to four months for maintenance to keeping your feet soft and smooth.