Dangers of Wearing High Heels: Are You Hurting Your Feet?

High Heels Feet

Most women own at least one pair of high heels. 


Whether you are enjoying a night on the town in your favourite stilettos or rocking a classic pair of heels at the office, chances are you have experienced aching feet after wearing high-heeled shoes. 

How High Heels Hurt Your Feet: Foot Problems and Foot Injuries 


High heels might be a staple in many women’s shoe cupboards, but most can agree that they often leave you with aching feet. In fact, wearing high heels can cause several problems and increase your risk of injury. 

High heeled shoes can cause:


Heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and Achilles tendonitis 


Chronic foot pain 


Foot and toe injuries 


Ankle sprains and fractures


Arch Strain 


Ingrown toenails 




Bunions and corns


Stress fractures in your toes


Gait and posture problems 

How To Stop Your High Heels From Hurting Your Feet


The best way to protect your feet is by wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding heels, but many women may be reluctant to give them up entirely. 


However, you can reduce the risks associated with wearing high-heeled shoes by making a few changes.  

Limit How Long You Wear High Heels


Wearing high heels for short periods will place less strain on your feet. They are also better suited for occasions that don’t involve a lot of walking or standing. 

Avoid Stilettos and Opt For Lower Heels


If you regularly wear heels, try to wear lower heels that don’t distort your foot into unnatural (and uncomfortable) positions. 


You should also try to avoid stilettos. You are more likely to sprain your ankle while wearing sky-high spiky heels than sturdy wedges or platform heels. Chunkier shoes place less pressure on the balls of your feet and toes, while still boosting your height. 

Wear Properly Fitting High Heels


When shopping for heels, make sure your shoes aren’t slipping or falling as you walk. On the other hand, you also shouldn’t wear shoes that pinch your feet or squash your toes. 


A shoe that fits properly will greatly reduce the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling. Your feet are also less likely to chafe and blister if your heels are worn correctly. 

Invest In Padded Insoles 


Padded insoles or gel inserts not only make your shoes more comfortable but also absorb shock and provide additional support. These nifty little inserts slip neatly into your shoes, so there’s no need to worry about them being an eyesore. 

Soak Your Feet 


After a night out on the town or a long day at the office, soaking your feet in a warm bath can do wonders for relieving the pain caused by wearing stilettos. 

Consult Your GP


If your feet aren’t feeling any better after a few days, or if you notice the pain getting worse, it might be necessary to speak to your doctor. Not only can this help to identify and treat any serious issues at an early stage, but you won’t have to suffer in silence for any longer than you need to. 

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