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Baby Foot® Men’s Foot Peel 4 Pack (Buy 3, Get 4)

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Baby Foot is a total foot care package for peeling and maintaining healthy and beautiful feet.

Free delivery to your home and save $32.95 worth of Baby Foot® in one delivery! Four of your favourite Baby Foot® foot foot peels for the price of three.

Baby Foot is a foot foot peel for men and women. Simple to use in the comfort of your own home, Baby Foot penetrates into the layers of dead skin cells. Dead and dry skin peels away leaving the healthy fresh skin beneath. Containing 17 kinds of natural fruit and plant extracts, Baby Foot exfoliates and moisturises at the same time.

  • Safe, easy and convenient to use
  • Actively fights foot odour by removing the dead skin which harbour bacteria
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals
  • Does not contain any animal related ingredients
  • Free from animal testing
  • Not recommended for use by diabetics or during pregnancy and breast feeding
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1 review for Baby Foot® Men’s Foot Peel 4 Pack (Buy 3, Get 4)

  1. Michelle
    My partner loved the treatment!
    I purchased a 4-pack of Baby Foot foot peel including 2 x Mens foot peel for my hubby. As a tradie he is on his feet all day and wears boots which can create interesting odours 🙂 at first he was hesitant to try the product but we did a peel together and he was shocked how the peeling works. I was happy about that and how the foot peel also helps reduce the foot odour too. I highly recommend Baby Foot, especially because it's gentle on the feet. And it works!
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